It's obvious the rules of aging are changing. When blockbuster movies start featuring “older” actors with a combined age of 125, falling in love, later-in-life romance, and the old guy actually wins the heart of the actress over the younger, sexier stud -- that's a sign there's something new going on here.

In the recent blockbuster movie, “Something's Gotta Give,” starring Diane Keaton, 58, who won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress and also received an Academy Award nomination (results yet to be announced at the time of this writing) for her work with Jack Nicholson, 67, it's ironic that initially, the studios and investors had to be convinced a movie about a 50+ year old woman finding love would sell. But it did – and it did big, too!

This movie hit so many real life targets that it should be required viewing for everyone 50+. In fact, it wouldn't be a bad flick for everyone at any age to see in order to better understand the dynamics involved with living longer, healthier lives and the effect this will continue to have on relationships, families, etc.

Particularly poignant to me were the rave reviews critics gave Keaton, in a strange complimentary way, for how great she looked “for a woman her age!” What? Are you kidding me? She looked fabulous for a woman of ANY age, let alone, 50-something, appearing naked for the first time in a career that spans more than forty films – many considered classics, with already one Academy Award and two other Oscar nominations.

This mode of thinking has gotta change if you ask me. And particularly in the youth-obsessed Hollywood world that is so powerful in establishing trends – or documenting them. By sheer evidence of this movie's success, it's obvious there's a huge market out there waiting for this type of story-line. And if the studios and powers-to-be are smart, they'll make a note of this and continue to move more positively forward.

I don't' know if this movie was made before or after the recent success of “Calendar Girls” but it's perfectly clear to me that this new image of aging phenomenon is the real deal and the sooner and more frequently these types of films are brought mainstream, the better off this planet will be.

But maybe we're already heading in that direction. Interestingly enough, it was the young, sensitive, doctor love interest played by Keanu Reeves, who was so enamored with Keaton's character. Eventhough there was a 20-year age difference, it was Reeves' character who said “age is just a number and it has nothing to do with falling in love.”

Now I'm certainly not saying love interests have to reflect a significant age difference, but in some cases, it's OK if they do. As this one turned out, the wealthy cad who never dated a woman older than 30, played by Nicholson, realized what was really important in life after a life-changing wake-up call and fell in love with Keaton -- and won Keaton's heart – a heart she had actually given up on ever finding love again.

“Something's Gotta Give” is a definite classic – and evident that something's starting to change in a good way!

Kelly Ferrin is a local gerontologist residing in Carlsbad. She is a certified
AARP retirement specialist, motivational speaker, consultant, and author of a
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